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How do you stand out in a competitive market like Charleston, SC? A strong online presence and a solid marketing plan are a good start. Dream Chasers is an experienced and reputable SEO agency that can help you achieve these goals. We stay on top of technology news, perform daily analyses of the market and track changes in Google’s algorithms. We have helped dozens of businesses expand online through website positioning and advertising. We can help you too!

More customers are a must to increase your profits. How can you expand to new markets? By investing in your website! We offer a multitude of services to bring more traffic to your website:

  • Search engine optimization on Google
  • SEO audits
  • Website positioning
  • Online marketing
  • Advertising on Google and Facebook Ads
  • Content marketing
  • Viral buzz marketing

We will do the best we can to meet the needs of your business. Your satisfaction is our goal. We strive to build successful relationships with our clients, based on mutual understanding and trust. Let us show you what we can do for you.


  • It will make it easier for your clients to locate your business online
  • The positive image of your website will increase
  • Your business will become more recognizable and therefore attract more customers.
  • Your website will become user friendly and stand out from the competition

Sounds interesting? Dream Chasers are waiting for your call or email!

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Improve Your Website’s Google Rankings with Charleston SEO Company

Improve Your Website’s Google Rankings with Charleston SEO Company

Local search engine optimization can boost your online business and help you obtain new customers. It is based on using sophisticated methods to geolocate large quantities of queries. In other words, when you type in “best pizza” in a Google search box, the search engine gives you a list of pizza places that are closest to you. You want to make sure your business comes up at the top of Google’s return page when a user types in a question related to your field. Local positioning will ensure it happens. Your website’s presence and reputation for specific keywords will increase greatly.
Dream Chasers can help you with the following:

  • Adapting your website to the most recent Google guidelines
  • Creating high-quality content for your website
  • Managing your content optimization
  • Eliminating technical errors on your site
  • Making your website user-friendly

Our goal is to meet your unique needs and make sure that Google’s search engine algorithms positively assess your website.

Effective SEO for Charleston Businesses

There is no doubt that Charleston is a competitive market. As a business owner you know very well how important it is for customers to be able to easily find you. Your competitors are probably already using different SEO strategies to attract as many potential clients as they can. You can’t lag behind. So what do you need to do to build a large client portfolio and grab the attention of Google search engine? Your answer lies with website positioning and search engine optimization (SEO).

Dream Chasers make local positioning effective. We have great experience in the area. We will help you reach your full potential by implementing a range of online strategies. We are convinced that your business will greatly benefit from local SEO. Call or email us today to learn why and how. As we say – chase your dreams, not your customers.

SEO in Charleston: What is the SEO Process?

It’s important to realize that website optimization is a complex process, and not a one-time service. It is based on in-depth analyses and research. Our goal is to develop a strategy that works for your business; therefore, we need to understand the details of your industry and customer intentions. We want to increase your website’s potential steadily but surely.

We will begin our SEO journey with a consultation. We will ask questions to learn about you, your product/services, business focus and goals. This information will help us draft a plan of action. Your website optimization will be aimed at objectives we discuss and agree upon.

Next, we will work on an SEO audit, which is our initial diagnosis. The audit is a detailed analysis of the factors that affect your website’s ranking. It serves as a basis for devising your unique SEO strategy.

Get Your Professional SEO Audit Now

The purpose of an SEO audit is to identify what exactly affects the visibility of your website on Google. We look for errors on your page, investigate the content, structure and technical elements on your site. We also dive deeper into your network or links. Then, we compile a report with recommendations and a support plan to improve the overall condition of your website.

We want to ensure your thorough understanding of the audit. If there is anything that seems unclear, our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be happy to explain.

Discover How You Can Get to The Top

The next component of the SEO process is competition analysis. In this step we:

  • Scan of your rivals’ websites to understand what actions they take to increase their presence on Google
  • Take a closer look at the keywords and queries that your competitors are visible to
  • Collect information about your competition to ensure that you can achieve the same or even better results through our SEO process.

Keyword Research and Strategy

Identification of keywords and phrases is also part of the SEO process. How do we select the most important words? As we’ve said above, we analyze the market and your competitors. We also scan your website’s content and use professional tools to help us find the keywords. It’s all about matching the queries of users as best as possible. The more traffic we can attract, the more your website will grow, and thus the higher your Google ranking will be.

Preparing Your SEO Strategy

Once the research and analyses portion of the process is complete, it’s time for designing an individualized plan of action to meet your objectives. We will do our best to clarify our optimization recommendations and discuss with you the strategies we want to put in place.

Optimization Implementation

Website optimization is an important part of successful website positioning. Without it, there is little chance of achieving desired results. We perform optimizations very frequently. It improves our work, helps us stay within the changing guidelines, and provides the best results for our clients.

Keyword Research and Strategy
Content Marketing

Content Marketing

The content of your website is checked as part of our SEO process. Great content will attract users to your site, and that will then improve Google’s ranking of your business. Original, engaging, relevant and easy to read content is exactly what customers and search engines are looking for. Of course, it should include keywords and phrases. However, it also needs to flow and hold the attention of the reader. You want your potential customers to be able to interact with your content, share it with others and thus help you expand your client base.

Many of our clients need help generating high-quality content. That’s where Dream Chasers come in. We can modify your website to make it more user-friendly, as well as add content that will attract more users.

Link Building Strategy

Another aspect of website positioning is link building. Your business’ location links as well as thematic links help Google’s algorithms connect the area of your business to the most common questions asked in your industry.

Part of our SEO process is obtaining links that will make your company more recognizable. They will also positively affect the image of your business in the community. You will be able to count on increased web traffic on your site.

Optimizing Your Company’s GMB Profile

Most business owners in Charleston use the Google My Business registry. GMB listing can greatly increase your visibility on Google. It also makes users trust your company more, since it provides them with basic information about your business (like location, reviews, description and hours of operation). If you have not yet registered with Google, Dream Chasers will assist you with it.

Verification and Reporting

There is no doubt that the SEO process is very involved. But patience and hard work pay off: you get an optimized website that experiences steady growth and has a high Google ranking.

Dream Chasers will provide you with monthly reports about your website’s activities. We’ll be frequently checking how your business is doing with Google’s search engine, to ensure maximum visibility. Additionally, we will keep improving your website and looking for more ways we can keep it on top of Google’s return page.

If you’re seriously considering growing your business online, you need to look into website positioning and SEO. Investing in it will help make your business dreams come true, and Dream Chasers will assist every step of the way. Don’t put this off any longer – get in touch with us today!

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