As a business owner in Lakeland, FL, if you haven’t heard of and taken advantage of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), your business is losing out on opportunities to grow. SEO is an essential method used to maximize the position of your website in search engine results. Various techniques improve your site’s visibility enhancing your online marketing strategy.

Dream Chasers are industry leaders in search engine optimization. Our skills and experience will grow your online business. We work with your hand-in-hand, giving honest feedback, to help your business reach its potential. We offer two types of SEO: onsite and offsite. If you want to see what your business’s ceiling could be, contact us today to learn more.

Investing in SEO

The Internet has never been more powerful or influential. The vast majority of all human knowledge (and opinion) is right at our fingertips. Search engines play a key role as they are often the first resource used when researching desired topics. They work to display the most relevant sites related to someone’s query. If that person is searching for your business’s product or service, and your website is not optimized to meet search engine parameters, your site won’t display on the first or second page of a search, and is essentially lost, along with all the revenue from those customers who never see or hear of you. Your solution? SEO with Dream Chasers.

The Origins of SEO

Virtually everyone on the planet over the age of 8, has heard of Google. Heck, the company name is a verb! Google has blown virtually every other search engine out of the water since it came on the scene in 1996. Remember “Ask Jeeves?” Google changed the mold by ranking how closely certain websites matched your search and gave priority to the sites with content that was most closely aligned. More links to the site meant greater value, and more value meant the site was likely at the top of the search results. For that reason, SEO became essential to any website building strategy.

Once website owners and designers learned the process, it becamed a cat-and-mouse game aimed at increasing their websites’ ranking. This did not impress Google as people gaming the system was not their original intention. To combat this, the company adjusted its search engine’s algorithms, which resulted in changes to positioning methods.

Onsite SEO

The first type of SEO, Onsite SEO, is centered around the strategy of optimizing elements on your website to get higher rankings and earn more traffic from search engines. When you think of Onsite, think of “On Target” or “On Message.” Onsite SEO involves ensuring your site contains high-quality, relevant content and optimizing HTML tags (such as meta tags), headlines and images.

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What are Meta Tags?

Meta tags are content descriptors. They are bits of text that describe a page’s content. For example, the title of your website is an example of a meta tag.

A website’s <title> is displayed in search engines. The better your title is designed and the more liked it is by users, the more traffic it will generate. Your <title> must grab the attention of your prospective clients, but still be clear and concise. It needs to include keywords and be shorter than 70 characters, otherwise Google will not display it in full.

Another type of a meta tag is <description>. It generally appears below the title. It too needs to contain key words and phrases. The <description>’s max length is 156 characters. The <description> tag is basically a sample of your website’s content. Users want to look for the information relevant to their search inquiry, without having to click on every site.

The next tag is the <ALT> tag. It is a short, hidden text description of an image on your website. Smart and clever <ALT>  tags optimize your site by increasing its accessibility and probability of appearing higher in search results. They are especially useful for users with web-reading software.

One other important tag is the <keyword>. People enter these in search engines to find desired results. Perhaps they aren’t searching for your company or brand specifically, but are looking for your product, service, or area served.  <Keywords> are a cornerstone of the SEO process. For your website to be successful, you have to choose the right <keywords>. To help you figure out the right range, SEO audits and market research are utilized. These tools will help maximize your search engine optimization.

Website Content and Links

Consumers today have never been more impatient. If you’re honest with yourself, you probably feel the same way. These days, instant gratification goes hand-in-hand with customer service. People using search engines want answers and results quickly. If your website’s content is not new, original, and fine-tuned, it will not only get passed over by the search engine, but by potential customers as well. Dream Chasers knows this and will help you develop the type of content that will not only grab the attention of your clients, but also the search engines themselves.

In addition to content, user experience is also key. Nothing will turn more customers away than a website that looks dated and/or amateur. A modern design, intuitive navigation and simple functionality are all required for your website to be considered user-friendly.

One feature of easy navigation is a well-developed internal network of links. These links connect subpages which help organize your website, and also better serve both users and search engines. Users can quickly find relevant content, and search engines are able to also scan and index your page for their returns.

Another key of user-friendly navigation is website responsiveness, or how well it adapts to the device on which it is being viewed. For a while it was customary to create a secondary, mobile version of a site. We all remember when a website’s mobile version crashed our phones or was impossible to use. Thankfully, technology changes quickly, and the current standard is to build one website that automatically adapts to all devices. Google’s algorithms also really like highly responsive websites. If your site doesn’t pass muster, your ranking can take a hit. Dream Chasers will guarantee you a dual friendly site.

Off Site

The second component of the search engine optimization process is called offsite SEO. It includes various activities done outside of your website to raise your profile with search engines (or positioning) The main aspect of offsite SEO is link building.

Link building centers around directing traffic from other sites to yours. It is as much about quantity, as it is quality. Liinks from questionable or dubious sites could damage your page. You want links from places of value

Where are these quality links? Here are some examples:

  • Social Media – popular social networking sites that generate high page rankings will have a positive impact on the position of your website.
  • Social bookmarking sites – allowing others to share your links helps in visibility of your website.
  • Website directories – subscribing to these lifts your site’s position and gives you an opportunity to present your page to others with a concise and distinct description.
  • Catalogs of graphics and video – the higher number of multimedia elements you include on your page, the more links you will get.
  • Guest postings – this is a multiplier effect, not only do they add new links to your website, they also allow you to expand your market to users you may not have reached or considered before.

Hiring an SEO Agency

You must incorporate SEO if you want to create and maintain a successful website. When considering the performance of an SEO agency, you must take into account the positioning process. Changes will not occur overnight, and anyone that guarantees you this is not telling the truth. The whole procedure has many steps and takes time to start showing measurable results. Gaining visibility for keywords on Google, or increasing traffic to your website can take anywhere from 3-4 months. Why so slow? The search engine crawler has to recognize them first, and then index the content. Slowly but surely, your presence in search engines will start to grow and grow continuously. SEO is an investment that pays off in the long term. Let Dream Chasers show you how.