How to Get More Dental Patients?

Do you have a new dental office and need patients? Maybe you have an existing office, and you are looking to expand. Do you know how to grow your client base?

You are already good at dentistry. That isn’t an issue. Getting people in the door, on the other hand, is the hard part.This is especially so if you’ve never run a marketing campaign before…

There are actually a lot of different ways to drive traffic to your dental practice—some of which you may not have even thought of. Whether it’s dental SEO, Groupon, social media, or any other method, you need to think about your options when considering how to get more dental patients.
Below are some of the best ways to drive traffic to your practice and grow your clientele—whether you have a brand new practice, or you’ve been in business for a while…


It’s no secret that people love a good deal. Because of this, many people check Groupon before they sign up for ongoing services. This includes dentistry.
Whether you are a general dentist or a cosmetic dentist, there are opportunities to drive traffic by leveraging the power of Groupon. If you provide teeth whitening, consider offering a discount on the first whitening. If you are a general dentist, maybe a discount for a checkup and/or cleaning.

Get Your Ducks in a Row

While you will take a small hit with the first Groupon sale for each new client, you’ll also have the ability to turn a one-time service into ongoing services. Your client may come in for a discounted cleaning and decide to make you their primary dental provider! This means the discount pays off in no time. You also have the opportunity to pitch upsells when people visit your office for their Groupon. This gives you more opportunities to provide services, make extra money, and build relationships with new clients.

Dental SEO

Dental SEO is complex, and it isn’t just one thing. There is a lot that goes into dental SEO. With that said, dental SEO can help you to take your practice to the next level and drive tons of traffic to your business. You may find that you get so much traffic you either need to expand or turn potential clients away!
Dental SEO comes in a variety of different forms. One thing you’ll want to consider is optimizing your website for SEO. This means adding the right keywords, meta tags, and more.
Another way to boost your SEO is through content. Well-written blogs can answer questions for potential clients, build trust, and drive traffic to your site. From there, your new clients can book their appointments.

While dental SEO is an outstanding way to drive traffic, it can also be extremely difficult to do on your own. Most people don’t understand how to run a marketing campaign—let alone an SEO campaign. Even if you understand SEO marketing, you likely don’t have the time to devote to a full campaign. You are too busy with dentistry! It’s best to leave SEO to the professionals…
By hiring Dream Chasers for your Dental SEO needs, you’ll receive outstanding SEO services without having to put in the time and effort to run your SEO campaign on your own. You can focus on dentistry and client relations. We will get those patients in the door!
For more information about the Dental SEO services Dream Chasers provides, reach out today. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Get to Know Your Client Base

Social Media

Everyone knows they should be using social media to build their business and increase their online presence. The problem is most people don’t know how…
Many companies think all they need to do is build a social media page and the customers will come. This generally is not the case. Even with good posts, it can be extremely difficult to drive traffic on social media. It’s even harder to convince potential clients to click. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t work! It just takes a certain level of expertise most people don’t have.
Facebook a few years back made the decision to focus more on user interactions over page interactions. While this seems altruistic on the surface, what it meant for businesses was fewer views. These days, social media is a pay-to-play game. If you are on Facebook, for instance, you are going to get a minuscule number of views for each of your posts. To get exposure, you need to run Facebook ads.
If you aren’t knowledgeable about running Facebook ads (and ads for other social media companies), there’s a good chance you’ll spend a ton of money spinning your wheels and not getting any traffic.

Instead, you’ll want to hire a social media marketing company that will ensure your ads get the clicks they deserve. Unless you want to take time off to learn the intricacies of running ads, consider hiring a team that knows the ins and outs of Facebook and other platforms.

Boost Your Traffic

Google and Bing

Just like with social media, Google and Bing put a strong focus on paid advertising. If you thought social media ads were complex, search engine ads are that much more confusing. Just looking at the dashboard causes many business owners to click away and give up.

The right team will be able to run the right ads with the perfect keywords to get your dental office in front of potential patients.

Look Over the Results

Word of Mouth

Old-fashioned word of mouth isn’t dead! Make sure you always suggest your patients refer friends if they enjoyed your services. Also, ask clients to leave reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. These reviews can make a real difference.

Get More Dental Patients Today!

If you are looking to get more dental patients, reach out to Dream Chasers today! We will put together the perfect marketing strategy for your dental office. Before you know it, you’ll be fully booked up and need to turn away clients!

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