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SEO Services in Fort Lauderdale

SEO Services in Fort Lauderdale

The Internet is a constantly expanding body of knowledge from around the world. To help us navigate it and find relevant data, we use search engines.

When clients in Fort Lauderdale, FL are looking online for your product or service, you want to make sure that your company is the first one they find. Having a strong online presence will grow your business and increase your profits. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, will help make your brand more recognizable by increasing the position of your website in search engine results. Dream Chasers is the best SEO company in Fort Lauderdale that can help you do that.

You can count on our SEO expertise in website design and content creation to help you reach your business goals, not only in Fort Lauderdale, but also across the United States. We’ll explain each step of the process, so you can understand the changes that are happening. We’ll help you build a website that you can be proud of through the use of onsite and offsite SEO strategies. Ready to get started? We’re waiting for you!

SEO Marketing in Fort Lauderdale

As we’ve mentioned before, many customers use search engines to find products or services. Search engines, such as Google, make it easier to locate sites that best match queries of users, without them having to scan through hundreds of unrelated pages. Creating a website and having it disappear in the giant pool that is the world wide web, is not worth your effort or money. By the same token, not having an online presence in today’s day and age means not reaching your business’ full potential. What’s the solution then? Investing in SEO.


For many of us it is hard to remember (or imagine) the time before Google. People had to use references, phone books and directories to find information they were seeking. Today, answers to most questions can be found in seconds, and almost any business or product can be found on the web. Google is surely the major site that helps connect customers with businesses.

In the beginning stages of Google, a system of links was used to determine which sites would display highest on the return page. Once web-designers figured it out, they started using various strategies to boost their sites’ rankings. Google then decided to change their algorithms to give more credence to factors that are more relevant. Link building is still a part of the SEO process, but you need a more balanced approach to building a site that will win the Google ranking game. Website traits are scored differently, with values being assigned based on factors such as content, use of keywords and user-friendliness. Dream Chasers have the right tools and strategies to help you improve your website’s ranking with Google. We can make your website stand out with a fresh design and high-quality content.


Onsite and offsite are two types of SEO. Onsite SEO entails actions aimed at optimizing the various components of your website to attract new users and increase your site’s ranking with Google? What is the focus of onsite SEO? High-quality content, meta tags, headlines and multimedia.

Meta Tags

Meta Tags

Fragments of text describing the content of a page are called meta tags. One type of a meta tag is your website’s title.

Search engines display the <titles> of websites. The more eye-catching and unique it is, the more traffic it is likely to generate. Keep in mind that a great <title> needs to include keywords and be shorter than 70 characters.

<Description> is another type of a meta tag. It’s like an introduction to your website that is displayed below the <title>. Your <description> should be relevant, easy to read and engaging. Keep it around 156 characters. Remember, a <description> should serve as an example of your website’s content. Customers scan through descriptions quickly, so you want to make sure yours keeps their attention.

Next up we have the <ALT> tag. It is a short, hidden text description of an image on your website. Well-written <ALT> tags improve the accessibility of your site and the probability of it appearing on top of the results page. They are often used by people with web-reading software.

<Keyword> is another significant tag to think about. Every business needs to choose keywords and phrases that best describe the products/services they offer. In other words, what words would clients use to describe and search for your company? <Keywords> are essential for the SEO process. If you choose the right <keywords>, you can really attract more clients. To find out exactly which words are the most common in your field, SEO audits and market research are performed. Dream Chasers can help you determine what key words and phrases are for your particular business.

Website Content and Links

While searching for information, users often gravitate toward high-quality content. Similarly, search engines also judge your website’s content by how unique and recent it is. Simply – the more up-to-date your content is, the better for your site. Dream Chasers understand this dynamic well. We are leaders in creating personalized, gripping, top-notch content.

User experience is equally important. A contemporary design, functionality and easy navigation – all of these make for a user-friendly page. Easy navigation is based on a well-developed internal network of links. Links that connect subpages help organize your website, serving both users and search engines. They make it easier to find relevant content, while also allowing for scanning and indexing your site.

Website responsiveness, or how well it adapts to the device on which it is being viewed, is also an important factor in determining how friendly a site is. A while ago most companies had to create a secondary, mobile version of their site. However today, changes in technology allow us to build only one website that automatically adapts to all devices. Highly responsive websites also get high rankings from Google.

Off Site

In addition to onsite SEO, Dream Chasers also work offsite. We focus on factors outside of your website that affect how it works. Probably the most important part of offsite SEO is link building, which is using the help of others to promote your company.

It’s important to keep a positive image of your company online. It builds trust amongst customers and builds your profile. When you allow other highly ranking sites to link to yours, you’re also expanding to new markets. High-value sources, as they’re called, are your best friend when implementing off site SEO strategies.

What are they? Here’s a list of most common ones:

  • Social Media – With millions of new user accounts a day, popular sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy are all good sources. Positive reviews, shares, and friend connections on these platforms will result in your website’s position increasing.
  • Social bookmarking sites – Other sites, such as Pinterest and Reddit, allow users to share your links, which also greatly improves the visibility of your website.
  • Website directories – Subscribe to these services and you will increase your site’s position and allow you to introduce yourself to new potential clients.
  • Catalogs of graphics and videos – Multimedia elements can increase the number of links to your sites.
  • Guest postings –Occasionally having others write about or reference your work, will add links from more sites, that further raise your site’s profile.
Off Site
Measurable Results with Fort Lauderdale SEO

Measurable Results with Fort Lauderdale SEO

To be able to accurately measure an SEO agency’s performance, it is necessary to understand the steps that the SEO process consists of. Website positioning, increasing visibility and generating more user traffic all take time. So when do you start seeing results? Generally speaking, the first effects should be visible within 3-4 months of starting your individualized SEO plan. After that, you will see a steady growth in your visibility and traffic.

Why does it take such a long time, you ask? The search engine crawler first notices the changes that are being applied, then indexes your new content – and that finally affects your presence in organic search results.

SEO is an investment that requires patience and hard work. It does, however, bring great results and pays off in the long run. Find out for yourself. We’re ready to help you grow. Contact Dream Chasers in Fort Lauderdale to make your business dreams come true.

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