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Competition is fierce in almost every industry today. The pandemic and resulting influx of cash into the economy have changed the way consumers shop for products and services and altered the way companies do business. Having a robust digital footprint and targeted marketing strategy are more important than ever. Businesses that are thriving are the ones that are turning to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to improve their reach in their local markets and beyond. SEO raises your website’s position in search engine result returns, making your company more visible and your website more likely to generate the critical traffic your business needs.

Dream Chasers knows how to market your business on today’s Internet. Our expertise in website design and content creation will be an asset to your company. We’ll give you honest feedback and advice to build your website into something you can truly be proud of. We offer both onsite and offsite SEO, each strategy having specific strengths to improve your online presence. Contact us today to learn more and let us start working for you.

Investing in SEO

SEO is a necessary investment for your business. Unless your customers are directly referred to you, their first point of contact is in all likelihood an Internet search. Not only do you need positive reviews, but your company needs to show up on the first page of search results in order to be seen and taken seriously. To get this ranking, your website needs fresh, applicable, and engaging content. Dream Chasers will use SEO to get your company front and center on the web.


Search engines have become more and more refined over the last 20 years. As information continues to be layered and indexed on the web, the most relevant information is displayed first. We are to the point now, where we can even ask specific questions to search engines and get a straight answer. This has been an ongoing process that companies like Google have worked hard to perfect.

By assigning values to certain website traits, rankings are established which puts the most useful and visited sites at the top of returns. This is how SEO came to be. Previously, a key strategy was to establish as many links as possible to your site. While links are still important, as developers started to game the system, Google changed its algorithms. However, the concept of relevant content has never wavered. The prettiest, most user-friendly site with poor content will not generate the rankings your site needs to be seen by the search engines. Dream Chasers can help.


Our first option, Onsite SEO, puts the focus mainly on your website by revamping it in order to improve the rankings it currently receives from the search engines. This is primarily achieved by improving and polishing your site’s content. Your content needs to be “on point.” Excess content that isn’t relevant, inaccurate information, or even jargon that might not be universally recognized, can all lower the value or scoring of your website. Onsite SEO strengthens your site’s core messaging, highlighting the content important to your customers and the search engines by sharpening your site’s HTML tags, headlines, and images.

What are Meta Tags?

What are Meta Tags?

Meta tags describe content. They are snippets of text that define a page’s content. Leading off, the title of your website is a prime example of a meta tag.

A website’s <title> is almost always displayed in search engines.  Titles that work are those that are well thought out and well liked.  Boring or long winded titles get lost in the shuffle, as will  titles that don’t relate to your product and those missing keywords.  Titles must be succinct and fewer than 70 characters.  Longer than that, and even if the search engine picks them up, they won’t display in their entirety, thereby losing whatever impact they would have had.

The <description> is a second meta tag.  On your search engine return, this will display below the title. It should also contain key words and phrases. There is a character length s for this feature as well.  <Descriptions> should not be longer than 156 characters. The best <description> tags are a preview of your website’s content.  Perhaps, slightly more detailed than a slogan, customers should be able to glean from this description exactly what they will get from your site, if they decide to click on your link

Yet another important tag is an <ALT> tag. It is a short, unseen text description of an image on your website.  Carefully considered <ALT>  tags sharpen your site by improving its accessibility and probability of appearing higher in search results. They are especially effective for users with web-reading software.

Perhaps, the easiest tag to overlook is the <keyword> tag.  Using concise, specific language often repeatedly, will not only hammer home a message, it will score well with the search engines.  Your strategy needs to be describing yourself in a way that makes you easy to find if someone were looking for your company without knowing anything about you other than what you sell.   In order to be successful, you have to use the right <keywords>  in the right volume. To satisfy this balance, SEO audits and market research are used.  Dream Chasers are experts in these tools and methods and can help you find a winning formula for your website.

Website Content and Links

Things move more quickly now than they ever have. The older you are, the more you recognize the change. With that speed, comes increased expectations from consumers who demand solutions faster than ever before. If you can offer them speed and quality service, you can usually win their business. But you have to be found first. Proactive utilization of SEO strategies can help put your business on that all-important first page of search engine returns. Dream Chasers will help you develop a website that will engage your target audience with a sleek, modern, user friendly design.

It’s not only content that scores high with search engines, but user experience as well. Sites that translate seamlessly between computers and mobile devices are standard now. Links have to navigate properly, and integration with payment and ordering systems has to be seamless. From start-ups to established Fortune 500 companies, customers expect nothing less.

Easy navigation is typically viewed as having a well-developed internal network of links. These links mold your subpages together thereby organizing your website. If people can better move around your site, search engines can also find information better. There’s less data to scan and the search engine can more efficiently index your page for their returns.

Off Site

Our other product for search engine optimization process is called offsite SEO. Here we look at building out your profile outside of just your own website. This is done primarily through link building, or letting other people sell your business for you.

It’s an old-timey concept revamped for the 21st century. “Word of mouth,” has always driven business, and it certainly applies even in the digital sphere. Quite simply, you want people talking about you. Of course, you don’t want links from questionable or dubious sources. We work to suppress those.

The best are links high-value sources. Some go-to resources include:

  • Social Media – popular social networking sites (Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, etc) We all use these platforms and a positive presence on each will generate high page rankings and lift the position of your website.
  • Social bookmarking sites – these sites allow others to share your links helping the visibility of your website.
  • Website directories – a 21st century phone book, subscribing to these raises your site’s position and gives you an opportunity to market your page to others with a concise and distinct description.
  • Catalogs of graphics and video – the more multimedia elements you include on your page, the more links you will get, but choose wisely
  • Guest postings – you get a bigger windfall here because, not only do they add new links to your website, you also expand your reach to users you may not otherwise have considered.
Off Site
Hiring an SEO Agency

Hiring an SEO Agency

If you really stop to consider the importance of search engines as an online marketing tool, investing in SEO should be a no-brainer. Search engines are free, everyone uses them, and the number of customers you can reach is endless. Now that you’ve decided SEO is right for your business, choosing the right company is essential. We’re not here to make you false promises and tell you that things will change for your company overnight. Quite the contrary, this will take time. Even the most robust SEO strategy will often take 3-4 months before results start to show. Again with the enormous amount of information out there for the search engines to comb through, change tends to come slow. But it will come. When it does, you will see the result and you’ll surge past your competition as the first choice your new customers see. Dream Chasers can make this a reality for you. Contact us today to learn how!

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