Today, nearly every industry experiences competition. The way in which consumers shop for goods and services has dramatically shifted from in person to online. Thriving businesses are those that have a strong online presence and a well thought out marketing strategy. They invest in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to stay ahead of their competition and increase profits. SEO is all about raising your website’s position in search engine result returns. It helps make your company more visible to potential customers. It also opens up new markets, generating more traffic to your website.

Dream Chasers is a knowledgeable SEO agency that understands what it takes to have a successful online business. In addition, we have experience in website design and content creation. With hard work and honest feedback, using both onsite and offsite SEO strategies, we will help transform your website into one you can boast about. Have more questions? Go ahead and contact us today. We can’t wait to get started.

Investing in SEO

Investing in SEO is a smart business move. Chances are that your customers learned about your company either through word of mouth or by looking you up on the Internet. It is therefore extremely important that your business shows up at the top of a search engine results page. That will help you become more visible online and attract new clients. But how do you get that ranking? How do you make Google direct users to your website and not thousands of others? This is where Dream Chasers and various SEO strategies come in.

A Brief History of SEO

It is difficult for young people to imagine a world without search engines. We all use them and rely on them. The sea of available information is sorted and indexed by search engines. The most relevant information is always displayed at the top. When we type in a question, no matter how detailed, we can expect to get an answer within seconds. Over the years, Google has perfected this process, rising to the top of the market.

How does this process work? To put it simply, Google assigns value to certain characteristics of a website. The most useful and popular sites get the highest ranking. Once web developers understood that, the need for search engine optimization was born. At first, rankings were increased by the addition of links. However, to prevent unethical practices, Google has changed its algorithms. And while adding links still plays a role, it is only one of a series of factors needed to receive a high ranking. What also matters is design, user friendliness and engaging, original content. Dream Chasers can take care of all these elements, getting you a higher Google ranking and helping your business grow.

Onsite SEO

The first step is called onsite SEO. It refers to applying changes to your website to increase its Google ranking: improving the design, eliminating technical errors and taking care of your content. The content of your website should be well-written and relevant. It should also be easy to read and engaging to users of all backgrounds. Onsite SEO involves refining and highlighting the most relevant parts of your content, as well as enhancing your site’s meta tags.

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What are Meta Tags?

Meta tags are essentially content descriptors. They are fragments of text that define a page’s content. The title of your website, for example, is a type of a meta tag.

The title of your website includes some of the first words users read about your business, because they are displayed by search engines. Therefore titles should be well thought out and original. Irrelevant titles or those missing key words will simply get lost in the crowd. It’s good to keep in mind that titles should not be longer than 70 characters, otherwise they will not be displayed by search engines in its entirety.

Another example of a meta tag is the website’s description. This is the part that is displayed right below the title on Google’s return page. A good description should include key words and phrases, and be about 156 characters long. It should serve as a preview of your website and pique the interest of potential customers.

ALT tag is another type of meta tag. It is a hidden, succinct description of an image on your website. ALT tags can increase the accessibility of your website and its position in search engine results. They are often used by users with web-reading software.

One more meta tag we want to mention is the <keyword> tag. Using specific words repeatedly will ensure that your message is retained by customers as well as search engines. The goal is to describe your business in such a way that will make it easy to find when potential clients are looking for the goods or services you offer, without knowing your company. The key is using the right words in the right volume. To help achieve that goal, Dream Chasers use SEO audits and market research. We are experts in this field and use various tools and methods to help your website stand out.

Website Content and Links

Great website content is necessary for a website to be successful. Most people are used to finding relevant content quickly and easily – and your online business should cater to that. To increase your Google ranking and find yourself at the top of the return page, you need to invest in original, engaging content. That, in turn, will lead to growing your company and increasing your profit margins. Dream Chasers can help you do that and develop your site’s true potential. We will help you create content that attracts new customers while also meeting search engine guidelines. Website positioning and optimization is what we do best.

In addition to content, it is important to pay attention to user experience. Your website should have a pleasing design and be easy to navigate. A good first impression will help in building a positive image of your business. Think about it – if your website is user-friendly, it is much more likely to attract new customers.
Navigation is closely tied to a strong system of internal links. Those links connect subpages and keep your whole website organized. In addition, they are used by search engines to index your site and make it easier to find.

One more aspect to keep in mind is website responsiveness. It relates to how easily your site loads and presents on any device (laptop, tablet, smartphone). Creating two versions of a site used to be standard practice. Not anymore though. The advances in technology allow us to create just one website that is user friendly on all devices. Remember, the more responsive your website, the higher your Google ranking. Dream Chasers can help you get there.

Off Site

The second step of search engine optimization is offsite SEO. This time we focus on building your company’s profile outside of your website. What does it entail? Primarily link sharing and building, so others can help you grow your business. It’s basically an online version of an old practice, namely “word of mouth”. You want people to share information about your company, while also staying away from questionable sources. Dream Chasers can help steer your website in the right direction.

Some of the sources we use are:

  • Social Media – popular social networking sites (such as Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, etc) Millions of people use these platforms and therefore your exposure to new markets can be huge. Having a positive presence on each portal will generate high page rankings and lift the position of your website.
  • Social bookmarking sites – these sites allow others to share your links increasing the visibility of your website.
  • Website directories – it’s like a newer, online version of the phone book. Subscribing to these directories raises your site’s position and gives you an opportunity to market your site to others with a concise and original description.
  • Catalogs of graphics and video – the more multimedia elements you include on your page, the more links you will get. Be cautious, however, in what you choose to include.
  • Catalogs of graphics and video – the more multimedia elements you include on your page, the more links you will get. Be cautious, however, in what you choose to include.

Hiring an SEO Agency

When you stop and think about all the advantages of online marketing and achieving a high Google ranking, then investing in SEO seems almost necessary. If you are serious about growing your business online, find an agency that can work with you and for you. Dream Chasers will not make false promises or guarantee overnight changes. On the contrary, website optimization and positioning takes time and patience. The first results show about 3-4 months after SEO strategies have been put in place. Why so long? Think about the amount of information search engines need to dig through, index and rank. It simply is time consuming. However, once the changes take effect, they will keep on growing your website. Dream Chasers can make sure your company benefits from it. We are just a message away. We can’t wait to hear from you!