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In a competitive market like Santa Barbara, CA, increasing your online presence and developing strong online marketing strategies are extremely important. Dream Chasers is a well-established SEO agency with years of experience in the field of website positioning and web advertising. We stay on top of technology news, perform market analyses, and track changes in Google’s algorithms daily. All of this to bring you the best possible results.

How Santa Barbara Digital Marketing Contributes To Growth

Our knowledgeable team can help you grow your Sata Barbara business online. We will take care of your website and adapt it to the latest guidelines, so you can attract more users and increase your profits.
How do we grow your business online? Here’s a glimpse into what we do:

  • Search engine optimization on Google
  • SEO audits
  • Website positioning
  • Online marketing
  • Advertising in Google and Facebook Ads
  • Content marketing
  • Viral buzz marketing

Creating a lasting relationship with our clients, built on trust and respect, is important to us. We will work hard to meet your business’ unique needs. Let us optimize your website and expand your online marketing. Contact us today!

Meta Tags

You may be wondering, “What are meta tags?” You may have heard the phrase before, but never given it much thought. The short answer is “an important part of your SEO strategy!” A more comprehensive answer is they are parts of search engine text that describe the content of a page. One aspect is the website’s title. With an eye-catching and informative title, you are much more likely to get clicks to your website.
The description of your website is another type of meta tag. The description needs to be short and punchy, as you have a limit of 156 characters. Your meta description should provide your customer with a small window into the website’s content.
Another, lesser-known meta tag is the ALT tag. This is a hidden text that describes an image on your website. Web-reading software searches for these tags and your site’s relevance will be rated higher if you include them.
Finally, there are keywords. It is extremely difficult to find your business if you haven’t added the right keywords. The right keywords will get you noticed by customers and will let search engines know where to put you. The wrong keywords will lower your SEO ranking. Dream Chasers performs an SEO audit and market research to make sure the right keywords are being used, and that they are being used effectively.


  • Make it easier for your clients to locate your business
  • Positively affect your business’ image
  • Help your site stand out from the competition
  • Make your website more Google user-friendly
  • Increase your business recognition, therefore attracting more user traffic.

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Local search engine optimization boosts your online business and helps you gain new customers. It is based on using sophisticated methods to geolocate large quantities of queries. In other words, when you type in “best plumber” in a Google search box, the search engine gives you a list of plumbers in the area closest to you. You want to make sure your business comes up at the top of Google’s list when a user types in a query related to your field. Local positioning will make sure it happens. It can increase your website’s presence and reputation for specific keywords.
Dream Chasers will perform an array of services for you:

  • We will adapt your website to the most recent guidelines
  • We will create high-quality content
  • We will manage content optimization
  • We will eliminate crucial technical errors
  • We will make your website user-friendly

Our goal is to meet your needs and make sure that Google’s search engine algorithms positively assess your website to boost your traffic.

What is Off Site SEO?

Along with onsite SEO, you want to drive traffic with offsite SEO. With offsite SEO, outside websites are used to boost the ranking of a website. This is done through link building and a variety of other methods. So, essentially, other sites are helping to boost your rankings by promoting your company and sending traffic your way.
Having other companies vouch for you is extremely helpful when it comes to your overall online presence. When higher-ranked sites link to yours it not only helps with your SEO rankings but also helps with your overall online reputation. In order to get your company the boost you deserve, we target high-value sources when implementing our off site strategies.

Internet Marketing That Works For Santa Barbara Businesses

Smart business owners in Santa Barbara know that it’s important for customers to be able to easily find your company online. Chances are high that your competitors are already using various SEO strategies to entice as many potential clients as possible. So what should you do to expand your client base and make your website visible on Google? Website positioning and SEO are your answers.

SEO in Santa Barbara: What is the SEO Process?

Website optimization is a multistep process that requires patience. It entails thorough research, analyses, and understanding of your industry and market. Developing a strategy tailored to your business takes time and work. The result, however, is a steady growth of your website.

The first step is always a consultation. During this time we will ask a multitude of questions regarding your product/services, business focus and priorities. We want to include your goals in the carefully designed plan of action. Website optimization will be geared toward meeting the needs of your company.

Next, it’s time for our initial diagnosis, or an SEO audit. We will analyze all factors that have an effect on your website. This will help us in designing an SEO strategy that works for you.

Professional SEO Audit

To learn about the factors affecting your website’s visibility on Google, we perform SEO audits. There are several things that happen during an audit:

  • We look for any technical errors on your website
  • We investigate your site’s content
  • We check your link network and structure of the website.

After the audit is performed, we prepare a report that includes our findings, recommendations and a detailed plan on how to improve your website.

Dream Chasers believe that it is crucial that the website owner understands the purpose and conclusions of the SEO audit. Therefore if there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to bring them up to one of our friendly team members. They will be happy to discuss them with you.

Competition Analysis

Competition analysis is another component of the SEO process. What do we do?

  • We scan your rivals’ websites to pinpoint the actions they take to increase their Google presence
  • We investigate the keywords and queries that your competitors are visible to
  • We collect information about competition to make sure that you can achieve the same or better results through the SEO process.

Below is a list of common offsite SEO options:

  • Social Media. Social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others are great resources. Not only will people check companies like Facebook to get reviews about your company, but they also may follow your company, like your posts, and share/retweet. This gives you a fantastic, organic boost that increases the rankings of your site.
  • Website directories. Having subscriptions to website directories will increase your ability to meet potential clients and can boost your site’s position in the rankings.
  • Social bookmarking sites. Sites like Reddit and Pinterest allow people to share links. When users share your links, it gives your site an offsite boost.
  • Guest posting. Guest posting involves others writing about your company and adding links to your site. This not only helps to boost your rankings, but it also exposes you to a new audience filled with potential customers!

Keyword Research Strategy Ensuring Your Customers Find Your Business

Identification of keywords and phrases is also part of the SEO process. How do we select them? As we’ve mentioned before, we analyze the market and your competitors. We also look at your website’s content and use professional tools to help us find the right words. Our goal is to best match the queries of users. The more traffic we can generate, the more your website will grow and the higher your Google ranking will be.

Preparing Your SEO Strategy

Once the research and analyses portion of the process is complete, it’s time for designing a unique plan of action to meet your goals. We explain our optimization recommendations and the strategies we want to put in place. It’s a good time for a discussion and answering questions.

Optimization Implementation

To successfully position a website, it needs to be optimized. Dream Chasers perform website optimizations frequently. That helps us stay within Google guidelines at all times. It also improves our work and provides our clients with the best results.

Keyword Research Strategy Ensuring Your Customers Find Your Business
The Importance of Content Marketing in Today’s Digital World

The Importance of Content Marketing in Today’s Digital World

One of the areas of a website that require special attention is the content. Google ranks your website’s content – so the better it is, the more users will visit your site, which in turn will improve your rankings. When working on positioning, make sure your content is:

  • Engaging
  • Easy to read
  • Relevant to users

High quality content attracts potential clients. Including keywords and phrases is important, but remember that it also needs to flow and be attention-grabbing. The more people find it attractive, the more likely they are to share it with others, thus expanding your market.
Dream Chasers understand that well and will work closely with you to develop high-quality content for your website.

Link Building

Website positioning is also about creating a network of links. The more links your website has, the more recognizable it becomes, and the more traffic it generates. Google uses your business’ location links and thematic links to connect your website to user queries. Again, the more links, the better for you.

Getting Exposure with Google My Business

A good step in growing your business online is registering it with Google. Getting a GMB listing can help your visibility and increase your trustworthiness. Users find it very helpful as well – it provides them with general information about your company (location, offer, hours of operation, reviews). Dream Chasers can help you register your business with Google, if you haven’t already done it.

Verification and Reporting

Search engine optimization is a complex process that results in a steady growth of your business and a high Google ranking.

Dream Chasers will provide you with monthly reports about your website’s activities. You will be able to find out, among other things, what is your business’ presence in Google search results. In addition to our findings, we will include recommendations, explanations and next steps. We will verify and improve all SEO strategies as needed to help you achieve your goals.

Website positioning and SEO are important components of online marketing. Investing in it is a smart move. Dream Chasers will help you grow your Santa Barbara business online. We are just an email or a phone call away.

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