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The Internet contains a wealth of knowledge and information unimaginable to the human mind even 40 years ago. Research that would have taken hours of study through dozens of disparate sources can now be done in minutes. Rather than parsing through encyclopedias, journals, magazines, and newspapers, most of us turn to the modern card catalog that is search engines.

Because the research process for everything from term papers to products and services has been streamlined by these engines, positioning within them is crucial. You have to have a strong online presence for your Atlanta clients to first find you and then, just as critical, win their trust and business. SEO (Search Engine Optimization), will get you on that all important first page of search results, boosting your brand recognition, growing your business, and increasing your profits. The company to trust with this project is us, Dream Chasers.

Our expertise in website positioning and content creations is second to none. We can help you reach your business goals. Each step of the way, we’ll partner with you to make sure you get the right message out to prospective customers. We’ll improve your website design and drive new traffic to your site. In the end, you’ll have a website you can be proud of and more customers than ever before. Our SEO strategies have been tested and they work. Let’s discuss how they can benefit your business. Contact us today to get started.

Grow Your Business by Investing in SEO

As we’ve mentioned before, many customers use search engines to find products or services. Search engines, such as Google, make it easier to locate sites that best match queries of users, without them having to scan through hundreds of unrelated pages. Creating a website and having it disappear in the giant pool that is the world wide web, is not worth your effort or money. By the same token, not having an online presence in today’s day and age means not reaching your business’ full potential. What’s the solution then? Investing in SEO.


Depending on your line of business, some of your youngest clients may not literally know a world without Google. Even those of us who have adapted to the changing times rarely pull out a phone book or local newspaper anymore. Search engines are the start, if not the finish, of most people’s research. If you’re not visible there, you may as well be invisible.

In the early days of Google, links were used to rate which sites rated highest. It was primitive, by today’s coding standards, and web-designers quickly learned how to game the system, using not-so-secret strategies to boost their sites’ standings. In an ever evolving cat-and-mouse game, Google then changed their algorithms to include other, more relevant factors. While link-building still plays a role in SEO, a more balanced approach is called for to win today’s game. Content, keywords, and user-friendliness are now part of the ranking system, and with more factors to consider you need pros to build you a top-notch website. Dream Chasers have the tools, experience, and design capability to move you up Google’s rankings. Your recreated and reimagined website will wow you and your customers. Engaging content, dynamic links, and ease of use will make your website stand out!



Two SEO strategies you need to know about are onsite and offsite SEO. We’ll discuss each, but first, Onsite SEO. This strategy involves actions focused on optimizing different components of your website with the goal of attracting new users, thereby improving your site’s ranking with Google. We split our attention on creating relevant meta tags, writing high-quality content, including succinct headlines, and the use of smart multimedia.

Meta Tags

Meta Tags

Meta tags are fragments of text describing the content of a page. The first meta tag we consider is your website’s <title>.  Search engines display the <titles> of websites. This is usually what you click on to navigate to the page.  The more attention-grabbing and unique it is, the more people will click on it.. Titles are limited to 70 characters, so it needs to be catchy and also include keywords related to your site.

Another type of a meta tag is the <description>.  Think of it as the introduction to your website. On search engine returns, it will be displayed below the <title>. To be effective, the <description> must be relevant, easy to understand and engaging. It’s also limited in display length, up to 156 characters. A <description> should serve as a preview of your website’s content. Customers will read these in 2 or 3 seconds, so it has to get their attention immediately.

A somewhat unknown, but no less important meta tag is the <ALT> tag.  This is a short, hidden text description of an image on your website. Web-reading software looks for these tags and will rate your site’s relevancy higher based on their inclusion.  Well-crafted <ALT> tags improve the accessibility of your site and the probability of it appearing on top of the results page.

A very significant meta tag is <Keywords>.  Think about how someone would search for and find your business if they knew what they were looking for, but didn’t know your company’s name.  What keywords and phrases best describe the products/services your business offers? I <Keywords> are an essential part of the SEO process. Chosen wisely, <keywords> can attract more clients. Not sure, which keywords are best for you?  Dream Chasers will conduct SEO audits and market research to make sure we’re using the ones that best fit your specific industry.

Boost Your Brand Presence with Engaging Content and Website Optimization

As people search for information, they tend to look for material that is not only recent, but unique and interesting. If your site’s content hasn’t been refreshed for years, and is uninteresting or needlessly technical and dry, it won’t garner the attention you need. Dream Chasers understands this concept and can provide you well written, personalized, engaging content.

In addition to being entertained and engaged, people visiting your site want a user-friendly experience to boot. We’ve all seen how website’s have evolved over the last 10-20 years and if your site hasn’t been rebooted in that time or wasn’t professionally designed to begin with, it’s going to have an amateur feel and won’t be very appealing. We can redesign your site with a modern look and a sleek network of links to organize and streamline your website. This will not only improve your client’s experience, but also make it easier for search engines to index and scan your site, thereby lifting you in search rankings.

Lastly, website design is all about responsiveness. Not only how your site looks, but how it adapts to being viewed on different devices. It needs to work just as well on a PC, as it does on a tablet or phone. It’s standard today to develop one site which will transcend device type. Google rates the sites that do higher.

Technology allows us to do that and Dream Chasers are experts in executing this design strategy.

Off Site SEO: Expanding Online Visibility

The other SEO strategy Dream Chasers specializes in is offsite SEO. Here, we focus on factors outside of your website that affect it’s ranking. Link building (think of it as online networking) is probably the most important aspect of offsite SEO. Essentially you’re using the help of others to promote your company.

Reputation is everything in business. It’s vital to maintain a positive image of your company online. Other companies “vouching” for you builds trust amongst customers and expands your profile. By allowing other highly ranking sites to link to yours, you expand to new markets. We target high-value sources when implementing our off site SEO strategies.

What do we mean by that? Here’s a list of most common ones:

  • Social Media – Despite their flaws, popular sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy are all good sources. People turn to these sites for friends’ reviews, shares, and likes. Creating a buzz on these platforms will result in your website’s position increasing.
  • Social bookmarking sites – Sites like Pinterest and Reddit allow others to share your links, which also greatly improves the visibility of your website.
  • Website directories – Subscribe to these services and you will increase your site’s position and allow you to introduce yourself to new potential clients.
  • Catalogs of graphics and videos – Multimedia elements can increase the number of links to your sites.
  • Guest postings –Occasionally having others write about or reference your work, will add links from more sites, that further raise your site’s profile. You can even return the favor on their site. Everyone loves an endorsement!
Off Site SEO: Expanding Online Visibility
Atlanta SEO Services That Get Results

Atlanta SEO Services That Get Results

If this all sounds like a great way to increase your business and improve your company’s bottom line, we agree! We would love to get started on this project for you. We offer you one word of caution though. When deciding on an SEO agency, don’t believe anyone that promises you instant results. This is a process. Website positioning, increasing visibility, and generating user traffic takes time. Sometimes, 3-4 months. This is a marathon, not a sprint. We truly believe though that Dream Chasers are the ones to get you to the finish line.

Why does it take such a long time, you ask? The search engine crawler has to first notice what changes are being applied, then index your new content. That change is what will finally affect your presence in organic search results.

SEO is an investment requiring patience. It will, however, bring results and pay off in the long run. We can’t wait to help you grow your business beyond your wildest dreams. Contact Dream Chasers in Atlanta and see for yourself what the possibilities are.

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