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You’ve tried growing your business online, but nothing seems to work. Trying to stand out from your competition is hard when it seems like you can’t even get noticed. You’re frustrated that when you search for your company’s website, it’s either negative reviews or your website is buried in the search returns. There is a solution. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will help you reinvent your website, not only into something pleasing to the eye, but a site that is fun to use, and one that will get the attention deserved from search engines. More search engines hits means more eyes on your website and more business for your company.

Dream Chasers has helped companies just like yours effectively tailor their website and their message to reach their target audience. We work with you to create something that not only will you be proud of, but a site that will climb the rankings of search engine returns. In this effort, we use two strategies, onsite and offsite SEO. Each brings unique methods that will change the way you do business online. Contact us today so we can start building you a better website tomorrow

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We wouldn’t have started our company if we didn’t believe in the strength and necessity of SEO in today’s marketplace. Companies without a robust web presence at best flounder, and even worse don’t reach their true potential. Your customers are looking for immediate solutions. How quickly they can get in touch with you matters. If they search for companies that offer your product, but can’t find you, the sale goes to someone else. Once you get past the first page, maybe two, of the search return, you’re irrelevant. Don’t let that be you. Dream Chasers will reinvigorate your site to contain content that is relatable, entertaining, and most of all relevant. Our SEO strategies will deliver a site that will raise your search engine ranking and drive more business to your front door, be it physical or virtual.


It’s almost impossible to imagine (or remember) a time before Google. People used phone books, magazines, and relied on personal references to find businesses to deal with. Now, any question can be found in seconds, and practically any product can be on your doorstep by tomorrow. Technology has improved our ability to deliver to our customers, but Google still is the gate-keeper to who is able to find your business.

Initially Google used a system of links to determine which sites would display highest. Once savvy web-designers figured this out, they worked on cheating to enhance rankings. Google, then countered by changing their algorithms to give more credence to factors that are more relevant. Link building is still a part, but you need a more holistic approach to building a site that will win the Google ranking game. Website traits are scored differently, with values being assigned based on factors such as usability and keywords. The formula is a little more safe-guarded than it used to be, but Dream Chasers has the tools and expertise to help get you there. Your site must not only look great, but it has to exude compelling content as well. We can deliver on both.


One of our two main strategies, Onsite SEO, focuses on you and the way your website presents itself. We look at what content you present and the layout and ease of use of your site. If your site is out of date, with broken links, or aging content that is no longer useful, we’d be looking at a complete overhaul. The ultimate goal is to get your site scored more highly, so more people view it, review it and maybe even add links to it. We’ll give you an honest assessment of what should stay and what needs to go, and our advice on building something better.

“Onsite SEO” loosely translated means “on point” or “on message.” What you’ll hear from us over and over is relevancy. Excessive text bogs down value. Dream Chasers will curate a site that focuses on the core of what you want to say to your clientele. We’ll hone your message and other key components of your site to give you a modern professional appeal that will not only look great and work well, but also be well received by search engines.

What are Meta Tags?

What are Meta Tags?

Meta tags describe content. They are the components of text and images that define your website’s content. Let’s look at four different types of meta tags..

Much like a movie title or title to a book, a website’s <title> needs to be short, catchy, and effective.  The title is what is highlighted on the first line of search engine returns.  Titles that are boring or non-descriptive won’t catch the attention of your customer and if they don’t relate enough to the rest of your site’s content, may not get ranked high by the search engine algorithm.  They also need to be less than 70 characters to display in full on the return.

Underneath the title, the <description> meta tag will display.  Brevity is still key here, with only 156 characters available.  What you want is a description that will preview your site’s content.  Though brief, it should include keywords and/or phrases.  This will likely determine whether or not a customer clicks on your link, so make sure it’s your best pitch.  Someone should instantly know why they want to visit your site after reading this.

Well chosen images can also improve your website’s ranking.  The <ALT> tag is another meta tag.   This tag is a short text description of an image within your website.  These often hidden notes can improve your site’s visibility by giving the search engines one more thing to latch onto.  If a user has web-reading software, it can work even better.

The importance of one particular meta tag can’t be understated.  That is the <keyword> tag.  So much of SEO strategy revolves around keywords.  Using audits and market research, Dream Chasers helps you use the right language in the right volume to score higher with the search engines.  These keywords will likely relate directly to your business, your product, and your market.  By hammering these points home you not only emphasize why your business is relevant to your client, but also improve your standing in search results.   You may already be coming up with keywords in your mind; we can help you complete the list, implement the changes to your site, and drive more business your way.

Website Content and Links

Try to recall the last time you did an online search. How far did you have to scroll down the page before you found what you were looking for. Did you even go to the second page? Now realize that most people conducting Internet searches are just like you. If your business isn’t appearing on the first page of search returns, you may as well be lost. Dream Chasers will revitalize your website through a well-developed SEO strategy and get you on that first page, allowing you to do what you love, serve your customers.

The path to first page status combines content and user experience. Even if people get to your site, they won’t stay unless they have a positive experience. Sites today must transition seamlessly between computer users and mobile users. Any links to third party sites for payment or delivery tracking must work without any hiccups.. Internal links that connect your subpages must be organized and seamless. Getting to your site is one thing, leaving a positive impression is another. So, in addition to improving your Internet footprint, Dream Chasers will give you a website your customers will rave about.

Off Site SEO

Dream Chasers is also happy to offer an Offsite SEO strategy. Using this method, we focus on building your profile through sites outside of your website. The key aspect of offsite SEO is link building and having others promote your business for you.

Your company’s name and reputation likely mean everything to you., and having a positive imprint on the web can raise your own site’s profile. Incorporating the good features of other sites benefits your business by showcasing to different audiences. High-value sources, as they’re called, are your best friend when implementing an offsite SEO strategy.

Let’s look at some of those examples:

  • Social Media – With tens of millions of unique user accounts, sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy are all incredibly popular. Positive reviews, followers, and friend connections on these platforms will result in higher page rankings and lift the position of your website.
  • Social bookmarking sites – Other sites including Pinterest and Reddit allow users to share your links which also improves the visibility of your website.
  • Website directories – Subscribe to these services and you can not only raise your site’s position but also give yourself the opportunity to sell to people who are probably already looking for you or your specific service.
  • Catalogs of graphics and video – Multimedia elements, especially popular ones, can increase the number of links to your sites.
  • Guest postings –Occasionally having others write about or reference your work will add links from more sites that further raise your site’s profile.
Off Site SEO
Why Work With Our SEO Agency in Washington, NY?

Why Work With Our SEO Agency in Washington, NY?

Simply put, SEO is an essential part of building and sustaining your online business. Putting a ton of money into a website that isn’t generating traffic is literally throwing money away. SEO should be a line item in your marketing budget. There are plenty of web designers out there offering this service and you might be wondering why you should choose Dream Chasers.
What separates us from others that do this is our approach. Others may promise quick results or an immediate return, and that’s simply not how this process works. This is a multi-step endeavor that very well could take several months before generating the results you would expect. If you really think about it, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Think of how vast and voluminous the Internet is. We’re making changes to one site or a handful of sites. It’s going to take some time before the search engines pick up on those. But we know how to get that attention and you will see the positive changes. SEO and Dream Chasers will make a difference for your company’s bottom line. We are excited to be your partner in this new chapter for your company. Call us today and let’s get started!

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