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Understanding Our SEO Services

A large market like Pittsburgh, PA experiences a lot of competition. Customers’ way of shopping has dramatically changed, especially over the last few years. We went from doing most everything in person to online. Currently, the most successful businesses have a strong online presence and robust marketing plan. They readily invest in SEO, or search engine optimization, to stay ahead of the game and continue to increase their profits. Why? Because SEO helps in positioning a website so that it lands at the top of the search engine results page. Your company becomes visible to a much wider audience, which increases traffic to your website.

Dream Chasers is a professional SEO agency with great expertise in website design, optimization and positioning. We understand the importance of creating high quality content that helps improve your company’s image. Our knowledgeable and friendly team will work tirelessly on your project, providing you with honest feedback. We will use both onsite and offsite SEO strategies to transform your website and grow your business online. Ready to get started? We are just a few clicks away.

Investing in SEO

If you’re serious about growing your business, you have to consider investing in SEO. New customers often look for specific companies by performing a Google search. If your business is not at the top of the return page, it gets drowned in the sea of information. You want to make sure that you rise above the competition. Having a high Google ranking makes you more visible on the web, and directs new customers to your website. To achieve that goal, you need to invest in search engine optimization – you need to hire Dream Chasers. We will design an individualized SEO plan to boost your business.


Search engines. Who doesn’t use them and rely on them every day? It’s hard to imagine our world without them. Search engines sort and index millions of pages to make sense of the influx of information and to help us find answers to our questions. Google has become the most popular search engine, perfecting the process of ranking websites.

Here’s a simplified version of what Google does: it assigns values to certain characteristics of a website. The most popular and user-friendly pages with relevant content and a solid network of links, among other things, get the highest ranking. It’s because of this system that the need for SEO was born. Throughout the years, Google has changed its algorithms to prevent any unethical practices, however the idea of ranking websites prevailed.

Dream Chasers understand the importance of having a high Google ranking. We can take care of all the elements of your website to ensure it rises to the top of the results page.


Search engine optimization can be divided into onsite and offsite SEO. Onsite SEO deals with applying changes directly to your website to raise its Google ranking. It entails improving the design, eliminating technical errors and refining the content.

Content is very important and can be crucial in determining your website’s success. High quality content is well-written, relevant and engaging. It captures the attention of all types of readers. If the content of your website is dull, repetitive or full of mistakes – it will not be well received by potential customers.

In addition to content, onsite SEO focuses on developing and enhancing meta tags.

Why Meta Tags Are Important?

Why Meta Tags Are Important?

Meta tags describe content. They are snippets of a text that define a page’s content. One example of a meta tag is the title of your website.

A website’s title is displayed by the search engine on the results page. It contains some of the first words customers read about your business. Therefore a good title needs to be original and creative. It should also contain keywords or phrases associated with your business. To be fully displayed by Google, it should be shorter than 70 characters.

Next up we have website descriptions. These meta tags are displayed right below the title. A good description is well thought-out, specific and appealing. It is no more than 156 characters in length and includes all necessary keywords.

Another meta tag worth mentioning is the ALT tag. An ALT tag is a brief description of an image embedded to your website. It is hidden but can greatly increase the accessibility of your website and its position. Clients using web-reading software find ALT tags particularly helpful.

An important tag to focus on is the <keyword>. There are certain words that pertain to your company and the field you’re in that should be used repeatedly on your website. They help carry your message across. They also ensure that your site is remembered by customers and search engines alike. Keywords describe your business so that potential clients can understand what  goods or services you offer, without knowing your company.

Using the right words in the right volume, and in the right space, is crucial. Dream Chasers understand that well. We use SEO audits and market research to help us determine the best way of approaching meta tags on your site. We use an array of tools and techniques to make your website reach its full potential and stand out from the crowd.

Benefits of Website Content and Links

As we’ve mentioned before, high quality content can be a big factor in determining how successful a website is. People look for content that is easy to find and relevant – and that’s what should guide your content creation. Don’t be afraid to invest in authentic, attractive content that is attention-grabbing. It can help your business grow and bring in more profits as it increases your website traffic. When you hire Dream Chasers, you can rest assured that we will develop high-quality content that meets all search engine guidelines.

Great content is not all. User experience is also very important. A successful website needs to have a modern design and be easy to navigate to build a positive image of a business. The more user-friendly your website is, the more customers it will attract. More clients means better recognizability and a higher Google ranking.

A well developed system of internal links positively affects website navigation. Links connect subpages and keep the website organized. Search engines use the links to index sites and make them easy to find.

Website responsiveness is another aspect of user experience worth looking into. It is all about how easily your site loads and presents on any device (laptop, tablet, smartphone). A standard practice used to be to create two versions of a site. Not anymore though. With the newest tools and strategies, we can create only one website that is highly responsive and user friendly. Contact Dream Chasers today to learn more.

Pittsburgh Link Building Services

The second type of search engine optimization is called offsite SEO. It entails actions taken outside of your website to build up your company’s online profile. It involves acquiring and sharing links. Think of link building as letting your clients share information about your business with others. This practice greatly expands the markets you’re visible to. It’s important to note that, to be helpful, links need to come from reliable sources. Dream Chasers can help you stay away from questionable or simply dangerous sites.

Here’s the sources we use:

  • Social Media – well-known social networking sites (such as Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, etc.) Millions of people use these platforms so your business can gain great exposure. Having a positive presence on each of these portals will generate high rankings and increase the position of your website.
  • Social bookmarking sites – these sites allow others to share your links. This positively affects your website’s visibility.
  • Website directories – it’s like an online version of the phone book. Subscribing to these directories raises your site’s position. You can market your site to others with a short-and-to-the-point description.
  • Catalogs of graphics and video – the more multimedia elements you include on your site, the more links you will get. Be cautious, however, in what you choose to include.
  • Guest postings – these add new links to your website, while also expanding your reach to users you may have otherwise missed.
Pittsburgh Link Building Services
Hiring an SEO Agency That Build Businesses

Hiring an SEO Agency That Build Businesses

Online marketing, website optimization and positioning, gaining a high Google ranking – all of these goals have multiple benefits and can greatly grow your business. However, these goals are complex and therefore take a long time to meet. Sometimes you may not see results for a while. It takes up to 4 months for any changes to take effect and for the search engines to index and rank them. Nevertheless, investing in SEO is a smart move. Dream Chasers can prove it. If you are serious and ready to expand your business online, if you’re looking for an agency that is honest and knowledgeable, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll turn your website into a steadily growing page that brings in profits and generates user traffic. Let us help you make your business dreams a reality!

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