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Dream Chasers is an SEO agency with many years of experience in positioning websites and Internet advertising. We utilize the latest tools and proprietary signature technology solutions that help us operate effectively and efficiently. And we can prove it.

Every day our highly-trained team performs tests and analyses, tracking changes in Google search engine algorithms, enabling us to keep up to date with industry trends and news. As part of our service, we will adapt your website to the current search engine guidelines, building its ranking and trust in your business. Essentially, positioning your website will increase its visibility, and consequently, your online presence.

We offer our services not only to Chicagoland markets – our fellow neighbors – but deliver outstanding results nationwide. Search engine optimization on Google is one of the many endeavors you can and should adopt to grow your business. Besides potent website positioning, Dream Chasers SEO offers comprehensive online marketing solutions related to SEO audits, advertising in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, exceptionally crafted content marketing, and viral buzz that explodes with emotion. Each strategy is tailored to your individual needs.

Our holistic approach to SEO treats you as a human being, not another data-driven number. This is the foundation of our mission statement and guiding principles, a factor that makes Dream Chasers stand out among our competitors. We empower businesses like yours to understand the concept of online marketing and build a base for prominent optimization.


  • Prospective customers will find your business themselves.
  • Your business recognition will increase.
  • More clients mean more income and profit.
  • Your website will become friendly to Google users.
  • You will be ahead of your competitors.
  • You will build a positive image of your company.


By far, SEO is the best solution for companies that want to acquire customers from the Google search engine actively and thus develop the necessary stage needed for skyrocketing growth. Local SEO service focuses on the application of advanced search engine mechanisms that geolocate a large proportion of queries. To put it simply, when looking for businesses with the keywords “best dental implants,” the search engine will return results for all practices that offer dental implants in your immediate vicinity.

Well-defined local positioning aims to build the website’s existence and reputation for words related to the city and your industry. That way, we can apply the essential tools for the benefit of your business, providing valuable traffic to your website. High-page optimizations on the most frequently asked questions within your industry will allow you to enjoy the constant influx of customers and a thriving profit.

By implementing SEO, we will adapt it to the current guidelines, create strategic and high-quality content, manage its optimization, and eliminate the most crucial technical errors. We aim to make your website user-friendly and, as a result, positively assessed by search engine algorithms.

Effective SEO for Chicago Businesses

Chicago is one of the largest local markets in the United States, which means it is also one of the most competitive. You can’t stand still and wait for the customers to knock on your door, or else you will fall behind. Your competition is most likely already employing SEO tactics in the vicious race for success. Only effective website positioning will attract the Google search engine’s attention and build a vast portfolio of satisfied customers. In our daily work, we implement several professional tools and strategies, our many years of experience in generating confident results, and the knowledge of the Google search engine dynamics. All of these components make positioning powerful, functional, and coherent. Is local SEO right for you? With full conviction, our answer is YES! As our motto states: chase your dreams, not your customers.

SEO in Chicago: What is the SEO Process?

Website optimization is not a one-time service but a complex process that consists of analyzing many factors on your website and beyond. For the positioning to be effective, high-priority is given to the knowledge of the industry’s specifics and users’ intentions. This way, we can prepare a productive strategy and gradually increase the potential of your website. Here’s a sneak peek of how the process looks in practice:

Any cooperation with Dream Chasers begins with a thorough consultation. Our team wants to learn as much about your business as possible, such as what services and products you offer and which of those should be prioritized. We want to know your particular expectations that can be adequately introduced in our carefully designed strategy, making optimization focused on a specific effect and accurately responding to your business’s needs.

Preparation of an SEO audit is a crucial element – an initial diagnosis of the problem. It is a comprehensive analysis of the most significant constituents that affect the ranking of your website. The audit is the foundation for developing an SEO strategy that we will implement in the next stage.

Professional SEO Audit

The purpose of an SEO audit is to analyze all factors that affect the visibility of your website on Google. We pay close attention to errors on your page, such as content, website structure, or technical elements, and more meticulous aspects, including link profile. If errors are detected, we construct a report with recommendations and support for improving the condition of your website. The audit itself proves how vital website optimization is in the positioning process.

Knowledge is key. If any part of our inspection seems like black magic or is purely incomprehensible to you, our expert advisers will explain each issue in detail.

Competition Analysis

Effective positioning requires performing a competition analysis, allowing us to examine the queries your industry’s rival is visible to, how other websites are constructed, and what actions have been taken that contributed to their higher presence on Google.

This information helps us determine labor consumption and time that we will need to achieve similar or better results.

Keyword Selection and Analysis

The analysis of the competition, the content of your website, and the use of professional SEO tools enables us to select keywords based on which we will rank your website!

Constructive website positioning involves performing an in-depth analysis of key phrases to discover the intentions of users and deliver valuable traffic to your website, bringing you more potential customers.

Preparing Your SEO Strategy

We prepare a customized SEO strategy based on the collected information about your website’s performance and your competition. As part of our pursuits, we will implement the prepared optimization recommendations and develop external publications.

A carefully crafted strategy will allow us to achieve the set of goals. Our experts will explain what actions we will execute on your website and present you with the next course of action.

Optimization Implementation

Website optimization is crucial for positioning. Incorrectly or unfairly performed, it will not bring pleasing results. Optimization is carried out frequently, continuously enhancing our work and providing the best outcomes.

Keyword Selection and Analysis
Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content is one of the most invaluable aspects of the entire SEO process. Content should engage readers, call to action, and satisfy their curiosity. Relevant, readable, and high-quality content is a vital ranking factor for Google, an integral part of determining your business’s performance. It is also a component that makes Dream Chasers different from our competitors – we care about the substance of your content, not only the specific keyword ingredients. Our copywriters devise high-quality articles that attract even the most demanding readers, turning them into loyal consumers. Content creation for your website and sponsored publications is part of our marketing services.

Link Building

Link building is an essential element of website positioning. Thematic links and those related to your business’s location help Google’s algorithms more effectively connect the area of your business to the most frequently asked questions within your industry.

As part of SEO activities, we will obtain valuable links that will increase recognition and build a positive image of your company in the local community. You will also gain additional traffic to your website.

Google My Business (GMB)

Local positioning also involves the optimization of GMB listings. If you are not registered with Google My Business, our specialists will set it up for you and implement appropriate solutions to improve its visibility.

The listing increases the credibility of your company provides users with information related to your location, services, hours of operation, and reviews.

Verification and Reporting

SEO is a process that ultimately ends up with a higher ranking of your website. We continuously monitor all activities, which will allow you to receive a constructive monthly report on your online presence in organic search results and our work.

In addition, we repeatedly verify and enhance our SEO tactics to provide you with the expected results. Indeed, positioning is an irreplaceable backbone for your business.

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