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There is a lot of competition in almost every industry in Las Vegas, NV today. The way consumers shop for services and products has changed dramatically, especially in the last few months. It is all predominantly online. Therefore having a strong online presence and targeted marketing strategy are extremely important. Thriving businesses turn to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to improve customer base. SEO raises your website’s position on Google’s return pages, making your company more visible and your website more likely to be visited by potential clients.

Dream Chasers have great experience in marketing businesses online. Our expertise in website positioning and design, as well as content creation makes us the best SEO agency to help your company reach its fullest potential. We’ll give you feedback and advice on how to turn your website into something you can be proud of. We offer both onsite and offsite SEO strategies, all aimed at improving your online presence. Don’t hesitate, reach out to us today so we can get started.

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Dream Chasers strongly believe that Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a worthwhile investment for any business. And we can prove it. Customers are used to getting answers quickly. They don’t have the patience or time to scan through thousands of pages to find exactly what they’re looking for. They rely heavily on search engines to do it for them. They know well that the first few links shown on their Google return page are going to be the most relevant to them. As a business owner, you want to make sure that your company’s website is at the top of the return list. To get to that position though, your website needs to meet certain criteria. Dream Chasers can optimize your site, lift your search engine ranking, and help you stand out from the competition.


Chances are that if you have a question, you simply “Google” it to find the answer. Your query produces a list of results. Google ranks websites and their content by relevance, taking various factors into consideration. The highest ranking pages show up at the top of the list.

In the very beginning stages of search engines, the more links a site had, the higher value it was assigned. Thus a race started among website owners to get as many links as possible. Google didn’t approve of those tactics and changed its algorithms. That’s when the need for SEO appeared. Now, it’s an essential online marketing tool.


The first type of SEO, onsite SEO, is centered around optimizing elements on your website to get higher rankings and earn more traffic from search engines. Onsite SEO involves ensuring your site contains high-quality, relevant content and optimizing HTML tags (such as meta tags), headlines and images.

What are Meta Tags?

What are Meta Tags?

Simply put, meta tags describe content. They are short snippets of text that define your website’s content. Your site’s title is an example of a meta tag.

A website’s <title> is typically what is highlighted in the first line of search engine returns.  Effective titles are short, clever and attention-grabbing.  If your website’s title is bland, or too long, search engines will not display it. Titles should be less than 70 characters in length, should relate to your product, and contain keywords.

Below the title, the <description> meta tag is displayed.  It should also include keywords and significant phrases.  There are 156 characters to use, so it still needs to be short, however it should be a good preview of your website’s content.  A customer reading a description should get a good idea of what your site is all about.  You only have a few seconds to convince them to click on your link before they move on to the next site

Another important tag is the <ALT> tag.  This is a short, often hidden, text description of an image within your website.  Wisely chosen ALT tags have many benefits: they improve your site’s visibility within search engines, improve scoring, and increase your chances of appearing higher in results.  For users with web-reading software, this is particularly effective.

The main driver of SEO, however, is the <keyword> tag.  By carefully choosing words and phrases in the right volume, you can convey the message you need to better, while scoring higher with the search engines.  How to go about the process of picking keywords? Think of words that you would use to describe your company/product/service to someone  unfamiliar with it.  How could someone, who has never heard of your company, find you?  Choosing the right keywords can help you achieve success. Dream Chasers use SEO audits and market research to help with the process.

Required Web Content and Links That Helps Your Site Rankings

To attract more customers, your website needs to stand out. One of the ways to ensure it does, is to have original, high-quality content. People, who are searching for information, look for well-written, relevant answers quickly. Not investing in a strong content will result in both users and search engines passing your site. Dream Chasers will not let it happen. They will work on getting you high-quality content that stops both users and search engines in their tracks.

Content alone, however, cannot be attractive without a proper presentation. User experience is very important in creating a successful website. Intuitive navigation, functionality and modern design should all be considered. User-friendly sites bring in far more customers.

Easy navigation means a sophisticated, well-established network of links. Your website should have subpages that are connected. That helps you stay organized, while serving search engines and users alike: it is easier for users to find specific content, while search engines can easily scan and index your website.

Responsiveness is another element of website design to keep in mind. It refers to how easily your site can adapt to the device on which it is being viewed. Not too long ago it was common to create two versions of a website – one for stationary use, and the other one for mobile devices. It quickly proved to be ineffective. Today, our technology allows us to build just one website that automatically adapts to any device. And Google algorithms love it! The more responsive the website, the higher its Google ranking. Dream Chasers can help you get there.

Proven Link Building Technique

In addition to onsite SEO, there is also offsite SEO. It is all about building your profile outside of your own website. This is done primarily through link building, or letting other people help expand your business.

It’s an old concept that was revamped for the 21st century. “Word of mouth,” has always driven business, and it certainly applies today, even on the web. Quite simply, you want people to talk about your business. Of course, links from questionable or dubious sources are not what you’re looking for. Dream Chasers suppress those.

The best are links come from high-ranking sources such as:

  • Social Media – popular social networking sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc). Millions of people use these platforms, therefore a positive presence on each will generate higher rankings for you, and lift the position of your website.
  • Social bookmarking sites – these sites allow others to share your links, making your site more visible.
  • Website directories – subscribing to these raises your site’s position and gives you an opportunity to market your site to others by providing them with a short and original description.
  • Catalogs of graphics and video – the more multimedia elements you include on your website, the more links you will get.
  • Guest postings – double score: you get new links added to your website, while also expanding your reach to users you may not otherwise have considered.
Proven Link Building Technique
Why Choose Dream Chasers As Your Las Vegas SEO Agency?

Why Choose Dream Chasers As Your Las Vegas SEO Agency?

By now, we hope it is easy to understand that incorporating SEO in your online marketing strategy isn’t optional, but essential if you want to reach your business’ maximum potential. When comparing your choices of SEO agencies, beware of false promises. We’re going to let you know that this is not a quick process. It will take time, and others who promise differently, are not being truthful. Website positioning and SEO are multi-step processes that take 3-4 months to work. But they bring solid results and growth.

Search engine optimization is a long term investment that is the best choice for your company. Leave your competition behind and become the first business your customers see when using Google. Dream Chasers can make it happen. Contact us today!

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