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How can you help your business stand out from the competition in Los Angeles, CA? By increasing your online presence and developing strong online marketing strategies. Dream Chasers is a reputable SEO agency with vast experience in the field of website positioning and web advertising. We strive to stay current with technology news, perform market analyses daily, and track changes in Google’s algorithms. Our goal is simple – to help our clients’ businesses reach their full potential.

If you are serious about growing your company, we are here to help you. We will take care of your website and adapt it to the latest guidelines. That will surely attract more prospective clients and positively affect your profits. What exactly do Dream Chasers offer?

  • Search engine optimization on Google
  • SEO audits
  • Website positioning
  • Online marketing
  • Advertising in Google and Facebook Ads
  • Content marketing
  • Viral buzz marketing

We put our clients first. We will do our best to build a solid relationship with you, based on mutual trust and understanding. Dream Chasers will help meet your company’s unique goals. We can optimize the website and expand your marketing. Just give us a call or send us an email!


  • Your potential clients locate your business with ease
  • The recognition of your company and website traffic increase. With an influx of new customers, you can expect greater profits.
  • The recognition of your company and website traffic increase. With an influx of new customers, you can expect greater profits.
  • You gain an advantage over your competitors.
  • Your company’s positive image is built.

We want you to be successful online. Give us a chance to prove it.

Get Your Business on Top of Google Maps and Other Local Listings

Get Your Business on Top of Google Maps and Other Local Listings

Local SEO will help you boost your online business and gain new customers. It is based on using advanced mechanisms that aid in geolocation of a large quantity of queries. In layman’s terms, when a person types in “best spa” in their Google search box, the search engine produces a list of all spas located in the vicinity of the user.

Local positioning will help you build your website’s presence and reputation for specific keywords related to your city and industry. Dream Chasers can help you expand and grow by:

  • Adapting your website to the most recent Google guidelines
  • Creating high-quality content for your site
  • Managing your content’s optimization
  • Eliminating crucial technical errors
  • Making your website user-friendly

We want to make sure your website shows up at the top of Google’s return page.

Effective SEO for Los Angeles Businesses

Customers are necessary for a business to flourish. The easier it is to find your company online, the more people will visit your site. Your competitors might already be using different SEO strategies to boost their sales.  You cannot fall behind! To make your website more visible on Google and expand your client base, you need website positioning and Search Engine Optimization as soon as possible.

SEO in Los Angeles: What is the SEO Process?

Website optimization is a multistep process that involves research, analyses and deep understanding of the market and your business industry. Developing and implementing a series of strategies to meet the specific goals of your company takes time and effort. It may take a few months before you see results – but they will be worth the wait. Your website will see a continuous, steady growth that brings you more traffic and an increase in profits.

The SEO process begins with a consultation. We ask a lot of questions because  we want to gain an understanding of your products/services, business model, and priorities. The input from you will help shape your individualized plan of action.

Next, we perform an initial diagnosis, also known as the SEO audit. We analyze all factors that affect your website.

Professional SEO Audit

SEO audits help determine what influences your website’s visibility on Google. During an SEO audit we:

  • Pinpoint any technical errors on your website
  • Investigate your site’s content
  • Check the structure of your website and the network of links.

An SEO audit ends with a special report, in which you will find: our findings, recommendations and a carefully drafted plan on how to best optimize your website.
Your understanding of the entire process is important to us. If you are unclear about something, do not hesitate to ask. We will respond to your questions, concerns and suggestions.

Analysis of Your Competition

Competition analysis is another step in the SEO process. Here’s what happens:

  • We scan your rivals’ websites to understand what actions they take to increase their presence on Google.
  • We identify keywords and queries that your competitors are visible to.
  • We collect information about your competition to make sure we can achieve the same or even better results through our SEO process.

Your SEO Los Angeles Pros in Keyword Selection and Analysis

Identification of keywords and phrases is a crucial part of the SEO process. How do we go about selecting the most significant words? Well, we analyze the market and your competitors. We also scan your website’s content and use professional tools to help us find the words most used and searched for. It comes down to predicting and matching the queries of users as best as possible. The more users we can attract, the more your website will grow, and thus the higher your Google ranking will be.

Preparing Your SEO Strategy

Once the research and analyses are done, it’s time to design a unique plan of action to meet your goals. We will thoroughly explain our optimization recommendations and the strategies we want to put in place. We will invite you to a discussion about our proposals.

Optimization Implementation

Only an optimized website can be successfully positioned. Thankfully, Dream Chasers perform website optimizations frequently and are very familiar with them. Optimizations help us stay within Google guidelines at all times. They also improve our work and provide our clients with the best possible results.

Your SEO Los Angeles Pros in Keyword Selection and Analysis
Content Marketing Strategy That Brings Results That Matter

Content Marketing Strategy That Brings Results That Matter

One of the most important aspects of the SEO process is website content. Content should be engaging, easy to follow and include a call to action. High-quality and relevant content is a crucial ranking factor for Google. It can make or break your business’ online performance.
Dream Chasers understand that well and will ensure that your content satisfies Google’s algorithms. Our skilled copywriters will provide you with articles that attract all kinds of readers, turning them into frequent customers.
Creation of meaningful website content and sponsored publications are part of the marketing services we offer.

Link Building

Link building is the next step in website positioning. Google’s algorithms use your business’ location links as well as thematic links to connect them to most frequently asked user questions.
Dream Chasers can help you build a solid network of links. Why? Because the more links your website has, the more recognizable it is and the better its image in the Los Angeles community. That can quickly translate into more customers.

Google My Business (GMB)

Most business owners in LA register their companies with Google to get a GMB listing. Google My Business listing improves the company’s visibility and increases its trustworthiness. In addition, it provides users with basic information such as the location, offer, hours of operations and reviews. If you are not yet registered with Google, our friendly professionals will change that.

Verification and Reporting

To conclude, SEO is a highly involved process that can help your business thrive online. Dream Chasers are skilled professionals that will act as advocates for your company.
We promise to send you monthly updates about your website’s progress. We’ll show you how your site’s visibility on Google is increasing and, if necessary, make adjustments to keep your online profile expanding.
Online marketing has changed over the last years and will continue to do so. Today, SEO has become a necessary and widely used strategy to grow a business online. Invest in your business today, and with patience and time, you will reap great profits.
For more information or to schedule a consultation, reach out to us. Let Dream Chasers be your partner in your journey to online business growth.

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