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Your Tacoma, WA business faces a lot of competition. Your customers’ dollars could go to any number of your competitors and you want to have the edge. If your business is not using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to grow and expand your reach, you are missing out on countless opportunities to market your product. SEO maximizes your website’s position in search engine result returns and puts you front and center when customers are looking for your businesses’ services.

Dream Chasers understands the essential nature of a robust Internet marketing plan. We have the skill and expertise to help your online business flourish. We’ll be your partner in marketing your brand, by providing honest feedback, helping your business reach its full potential. Our two types of SEO, onsite and offsite, each bring added strength to your online footprint. Contact us today and let’s get started on planning your company’s growth strategy.

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We can all agree that by this point, the Internet is not just some passing fad. It’s changed everything about the world, how we interact with each other, how we shop, and how we get our information. Search engines are typically the first stop when consumers are looking to buy or engage with a company. If your business isn’t front and center, it’s lost in the background, and that’s not a winning position. Your site needs content that is precise, relevant, and engaging. How do you get there? SEO with Dream Chasers.


Got a question? What do you do? You either “ask Alexa,” or “Google it,” right? Even Alexa (or Siri, if you prefer), is going to use search engines for their results. What Google does is rank websites and content by relevance, and puts the highest value returns on the first page of your search results. Sites with more links were assigned higher value, so getting other sites to reference your own became a game within the game. It was in this space that SEO was born and became an essential tool of online marketing.

Google was not initially thrilled with how website owners and developers were fixing results to achieve the highest relevance. So they eventually changed the algorithms to level the playing field, but the original concept of providing the most viewed and most useful content first remained.


One of our two options, Onsite SEO focuses on the idea of optimizing sections of your website to improve your rankings and get more hits from search engines. “Onsite” translates best to “On Point” or “On Message.” Content on your website that isn’t relevant just muddies the waters or more accurately, waters down your message, lowering the value assigned to your site. Onsite SEO cuts the excess and strengthens the core of your site, leaving high-quality, relevant content, while optimizing HTML tags (meta tags), as well as headlines and images.

What are Meta Tags?

What are Meta Tags?

Meta tags are content descriptors. They are bits of text that describe a page’s content. For example, the title of your website is an example of a meta tag.

A website’s <title> is displayed in search engines.  A well designed and well liked title will generate more traffic than a bland or nondescript one.  Titles that have little to do with your product or service or one’s that are missing keywords will get passed over by the search engines.  Titles must also be fewer than 70 characters or even if the search engine picks them up, they won’t display in their entirety.

A second type of a meta tag is <description>.  This displays below the title. The description also must contain key words and phrases. <Descriptions> maximium length is 156 characters. The <description> tag should be a sample of your website’s content.  Consumers are quickly scanning these search returns and want to know the jist of a site, without having to click on every link.

Another key tag is the <ALT> tag. It is a brief, hidden text description of an image on your website.  Well-chosen <ALT>  tags optimize your site by improving its accessibility and probability of appearing higher in search results. They are particularly useful for users with web-reading software.

One other important tag is the <keyword>.  Think to yourself for a moment, if someone were looking for you, aside from your company name, what keywords would people most likely use to find you.   <Keywords> are maybe the most important part of the SEO process. For your website to be successful, the right <keywords> must be chosen and used in the right volume. To calibrate this balance, SEO audits and market research are used. These tools help maximize your search engine optimization.

Website and Content Optimization

We live in the days of one-hour dry cleaning and same day delivery. Information that would have taken days to compile just a couple decades ago, now can be done in minutes, if not seconds. You can afford to hope that your customer finds you, you need to find your customers and market aggressively to them. Top of the page search engine returns will help you accomplish that goal. Dream Chasers can help make this realization a reality for your company. We’ll develop a website with content that will not only target the audience you’re looking to capture, but also win the search engine war by putting your brand at the top of the returns.

In addition to content, users need to feel comfortable and confident with the website experience and navigation. We’ve all visited websites that look like they haven’t had a reboot since 2005 (or earlier). It does not leave one with a positive impression. A modern design, intuitive navigation and simple functionality are all required for your website to be considered user-friendly in the 2020s..

Easy navigation is best achieved through a well-developed internal network of links. These links connect subpages which not only better organize your website, but also bump up search engine scores by making content easier to find. Search engines have less data to scan and more efficiently index your page for their returns.

Another key of user-friendly navigation is website responsiveness. Google’s algorithms rank highly responsive websites higher. Your page needs to look just as good on the newest laptop as it does on an Iphone12 or your dad’s old BlackBerry. Initially, it was standard practice to create a secondary, mobile version of a site. Technology has changed to the point though, where it’s fairly simple to adapt one site to all devices, assuming you have the technical expertise. Dream Chasers will guarantee you a dual friendly site.

Link Building Strategies From Our Tacoma SEO Professionals

The second component of the search engine optimization process is called offsite SEO. It involves actions completed outside of your website that raise your profile with search engine positioning. The main component of offsite SEO strategy is link building.

Link building centers around directing traffic from other sites to yours, or to put it an old-fashioned way, “word of mouth,” at least in a digital sense. The more other people are talking about you, the better. That being said, links from questionable or dubious sites could damage your page, so you’d want to suppress those. The best are links from places of value.

A few places to find these should be obvious:

  • Social Media – popular social networking sites (the usual suspects: Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, etc) which generate high page rankings will have a positive impact on the position of your website.
  • Social bookmarking sites – allowing others to share your links helps in visibility of your website.
  • Website directories – subscribing to these raises your site’s position and gives you an opportunity to market your page to others with a concise and distinct description.
  • Catalogs of graphics and video – the more multimedia elements you include on your page, the more links you will get.
  • Guest postings – you get double the exposure here because, not only do they add new links to your website, they also allow you to expand your market to users you may not have reached or considered before.
Link Building Strategies From Our Tacoma SEO Professionals
Top Marketing Agency, Your SEO Tacoma Experts

Top Marketing Agency, Your SEO Tacoma Experts

By now, we hope you see incorporating SEO in your online marketing strategy isn’t optional, but essential if you want to reach the maximum number of potential customers. When evaluating your choices of SEO agencies, don’t buy into false promises. We’re going to tell you right upfront, this is not an instant process. It will take time, and others who promise differently are lying. This is a multi-step process that you can expect to take 3-4 months, but it will work and it will pay off. It takes this long because the search engine crawler needs to recognize the changes and then index new content. Once it does your online profile will adjust and your presence in search results will improve. This is a long term investment that is the right choice for your company. Stay ahead of your competition by being among the first choices your customers see. Dream Chasers can get you there. Contact us today!

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